Assistant Professor
202 Williams Center


  • Ph.D., University of Virginia
  • M.A., Washington University in St. Louis
  • B.A., Fordham University


Benvenuto! I am a specialist in Italian Renaissance art. More specifically, I study the relationship of art, optical science, and theology in early modern Italy. My current book project titled, Venetian Perspectives: Art, Optics, and Theology in Renaissance Venice, uses pictorial light as a lens to explore the history of optics and perspective in Venice. Challenging the traditional focus on Renaissance Florence, my study explores the varied techniques by which artists like Giovanni Bellini incorporated this new knowledge into their art and places their artistic practice in conversation with the humanist and theological debates occurring in Venice. My research has appeared in Predella, Source: Notes in the History of Art, and Artibus et Historiae.

In the classroom, I am a big proponent of immersive experience and am working to integrate Virtual Reality technology with my teaching to transport students to the sites we study.

Instagram & Twitter: @profhupe

Research Interests

Italian Renaissance art, Franciscan art, Aesthetic theology, art and science, optics, cross cultural exchange in the early modern period, Venetian Renaissance painting, Virtual Reality and teaching, photogrammetry

Courses Offered

Art102: History of Western Art II (Spring 2022); Art 223: Italian Renaissance Art (Spring 2022); Art224: Baroque and Rococo Art; Art225: Northern Renaissance Art; FYS: Color: A History of Making and Meaning


Selected Publications


Research Projects

Professor Hupe is the Principal Investigator for ZeuxisVR: Immersive Art History a digital initiative that creates virtual reality environments of art historical sites to advance teaching and research.

Prof. Hupe photoscanning Michelangelo’s New Sacristy in summer 2021.