Course Offerings (Spring 2019)

Spring 2019 Courses 


ART 107 Dynamics of Sculpture   Gil

A foundation for basic sculptural techniques, materials, and creativity in the studio. Students examine sculpture from the past to the present as a means of developing their technical and creative skills, including drawing, then implement their knowledge through studio projects using such materials as clay, plaster, wood, and found objects. They are also trained in the use of basic power and hand tools. At least two field trips required. Open to all students with or without prior knowledge of sculpture. [H]

ART 109 Drawing I  Toia, Clark, Barbeito

An introduction to various approaches to drawing, including the use of line, hatching, contour, and shading. More emphasis is placed on immediacy than on finishing technique. Human and other natural forms as well as inanimate objects are drawn in both experimental and disciplined ways. Open to all students. [H]

ART 111 Beginning Printmaking  Barbeito

An introduction to intaglio (etching), relief (woodcut) and screen printing (stencil), as well as the digital equivalents to each technique, including color photo screen printing, laser etching, CNC milling and wax transfers. We will examine how these analog and digital techniques inform the outcome of the printed image as well as how they can be combined to create more complex narratives. The class will culminate with the making of a unique object that integrates the above techniques and evades traditional definitions of printmaking. [H]

ART 114 Beginning Painting Kerns

An introduction to acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting, evolving from basic studies to more involved problems in formal and expressive relationships. The achievement of a sense of life and meaning in relatively simple subject matter is emphasized. [H]

ART 155 Digital Photography I    1 section –  Bergstresser

Creative expression, explorations of content and articulation of ideas will be emphasized. The course comprises technical lectures, laboratory demonstrations, slide lectures of historic and contemporary photography, and critiques of student work. Upon completion of the course, a student can expect to have a thorough understanding of the basics of digital photography-proper and consistent image exposure, basic Photoshop skills and competency with scanning and digital printing. [H]

ART 218 Intermediate Painting   Kerns

Intermediate study in painting methodology. Technical instruction in acrylic, oil, and egg tempera. Investigations into figurative and abstract modes of painting, with emphasis on individual preference. Critiques are regularly scheduled. [H]

ART 120 Architectural Design & Theory   Biondo

The course provides an introduction to the theoretical basis and process by which architects design buildings. Course work includes three or four design projects focusing on significant architectural issues such as urban revitalization, sustainable building, historic preservation, etc. Architectural drafting (by hand) and presentation techniques are developed. No prior background in architecture or drafting is required.

Art 212 Interdisciplinary Printmaking  Barbeito

An in-depth examination of planographic techniques including screen printing, inkjet printing, photo lithography and transfer techniques. These techniques will be examined in relation to more dimensional forms of printing: collography, embossment, vacuum forming and water immersion printing. Working within the ethos of printmaking: collaboration, dissemination and production, students will learn to share, question and think through their ideas using a variety of traditional and contemporary forms of making.

Art/Thtr  371 Performance Art (NEW CLASS) Visiting Artist, Clifford Owens

Students are introduced to the history and practice of contemporary performance art. The course is structured in two parts: seminar and studio-workshop. Through readings, discussions, film and video screenings, slide lectures, and student presentations, students learn about the history, theory, criticism, and politics of performance art from the mid-20th century to the 1990s and up to the present. Studio-workshop is a combination of assigned projects, group critiques, and the creation of a final, solo performance project to be presented to the public at the end of the semester. [H]


ART 102 Introduction to Art History II

multiple sections — Mattison, Sinkevic

This course is organized like ART 101, but deals with painting, sculpture, and architecture from the Renaissance to the present. Recommended for first-year students and sophomores who are considering art as a major; open to all students. [H]

ART 221 Ancient Art   Sinkevic

A study of the architectural and artistic achievements of the ancient civilizations around the Mediterranean: Egyptian, Minoan, Mycenaean, Greek, and Roman. The monuments are analyzed in terms of style, technique, function, patronage, and influence. [W]

Art 340 Seminar in Art History    Mattison

A study of particular periods, movements, and artists that relates theoretical, historical, and formal approaches, such as protest art, abstract expressionism, Picasso studies, installation and video art and 15th-century Italian painting. Topics vary according to the specialty of the professor. Open to juniors and seniors who have completed ART 101 and ART 102 and at least two intermediate-level art history courses.

ART 228 East Asian Art & Architecture Furniss

This class will introduce students to the major art and architectural traditions of China and Japan from Neolithic times through the Modern period. The course will focus on the social, cultural and political movements that informed Chinese and Japanese artistic changes over time.