Program for Minor in Architectural Studies.


The vaulted ceiling in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Seen as part of the Lafayette College – NYC Architecture Tour 2015.

The minor is intended for students who are considering pursuing graduate studies in architecture as well as students who are interested in architectural history or practice but do not intend to pursue professional careers in architecture.

The minor requires six courses. Art 126 (History of Architecture II) and Art 120 (Architectural Design and Theory) are required of all students pursuing the minor. Four additional courses should be selected from a list of approved courses, with at least one course from each of three groupings. Students who are planning to attend graduate school in architecture may include a portfolio development independent study as one course. Examples of approved courses include:


Historical Perspective and Urban Design

Art 140 Art and Architecture of World Traditions: Asia, Africa, and the Americas

Art 221 Ancient Art

Art 222 Medieval Art

Art 234 Modern Art

Art 240 Japanese Art and Architecture

Art 242 Chinese Art and Architecture

VAST 234 Technology and the City

A&S 201 Culture and Environment

A&S 233 Anthropology of the City

Hist 252 Transformation of the American Environment

Hist 356 American Technological Development

PSTD Environmental Policy

EVST 220 People, Places and Environments in the Mid-Atlantic

Design Perspective

Art 105 New Media: Sculpture against a Digital Horizon

Art 107 Sculpture

Art 109 Drawing I

Art 110 Drawing II

Art 114 Beginning Painting

Art 215 Sculpture II

Art 206 Materials and Methods

Art 250 Art and Environment

EGRS 273 Architecture Theory and Practice

Engineering Perspective

EGRS 271 Introduction to Architectural Engineering

EGRS 480 Sustainable Solutions

ES 226 Statics

ES 230 Strength in Materials

ES 231 Nature of Engineering Materials

ES 232 Biomaterials Science

CE 271 Civil Engineering Land Development-Surveying

CE 311 Structural Analysis and Steel Design

CE 312 Theory of Indeterminate Structures

CE 313 Reinforced Concrete

CE 314 Structural Dynamics

CE 331 Civil Engineering Project Management

CE 411 Advanced Design: Steel Bridge

CE 415 Modern Steel Design Practice

CE 431 Construction Management

ME 372 Engineering Design Optimization

ME 374 Sustainable Building Design

ME 388 Sustainable Materials


For students planning to apply to graduate school in architecture, the two semester course Architectural Portfolio Preparation is highly recommended. For additional information, please contact Prof. Ingrid Furniss (Chair of the Architectural Studies Program) at